14 Days Later

Well I can't believe my two weeks of work are done! There is A LOT for me to learn this summer - UChicago is different from dean in just about every way! 

When it comes to the University of Chicago, I like to think of them as a pseudo Hogwarts....minus the witchcraft and wizardry (as far as I know anyway.) I explained how things work here to my best friend Garrin and he agrees. For starters, first year students here are given a housing preference and personality questionnaire (much like ones given out at any institution but a little longer and a little more in depth) and based on the results of their responses are HAND PLACED (one by one by a panel of College Housing staff - WHAT?!? can you say time consuming...) into a "house" and with a roommate most suitable for them. Once a student is placed into one of the 38 houses on the UChicago campus, they tend to remain a part of that house for their entire residential life on campus. Not all students stay residential all four years but the ones that do remain loyal and fond of their houses. Houses are usually sections of larger residence halls that have their own lounges, kitchens and living spaces. These houses are described on UChicago's housing website as "communities that eat, debate, and play together." - I think that's totally cool! (Another thing to note is everyone here calls Residence Halls "dorms".....I can hardly stifle my objection.)

The Different "Houses" of University of Chicago!

There's a bunch of other things that are different here too, which coming from someone with a very young and naive view of student affairs is quite exciting indeed. Maybe I'll make a top 10 list of the greatest differences between Dean and UChicago a la Buzzfeed style.... 

I've spent most of these first two weeks being training in all of the new housing, facilities, UCPD, and other types of software the staff here at UChicago relies on to keep in contact every day. I helped facilitate the training of my buildings summer desk clerks, here at UChicago that is a role filled by members of the community and all Desk Clerks are members of a union. I've never worked with unionized workers before so that will be a new experience all in itself.
Future home starting 6/14!
I've also found out that on June 16th I will be moving from international house - location of my single room I've made a temporary home, to the South Campus residence hall and an apartment! I'm very excited about the upgrade in space. South Campus is also where my future office (SUPER excited to have one of those to myself) and the dining hall is located so the placement couldn't be more ideal. Two of the other interns (Vicki and Jeremy) will be going with me as well. The move is set for June 14th. 

Well that's all the rambling I'll do for now. We spent this last weekend exploring several museums and the aquarium in downtown Chicago thanks to our CityPass! Another blog post on those journeys alone coming up soon.

Until next time. 
- CB


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