Cassie takes Chicago

Hi All! (or more likely hi to my mother who will probably be the only one reading this.) Here's my valiant attempt to capture in writing my summer, partially so I can remember it, and partially so anyone out there who cares to follow along can know what I've been doing. I can only assume this blog will be a bit like me, attempts at being funny with a fresh side of sarcasm all of the time. 

Go Maroons!
For those of you who don't know, I love student affairs, higher education and more specifically: residence life. This summer I was selected to be one of six Summer Conference Coordinators in the Residential Services (essentially Residence Life) office at the University of Chicago. That's in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Chicago, Illinois. I got this internship through the ACUHOI (American College/ University Housing Officers International) internship program, I should totally mention this was largely thanks to the references/support of my outstanding mentor and two other supervisors. (Todd, Nick and Sean - hey dudes!) 

View From my Window!
Anyway, at 5am Tuesday morning I packed up my apartment at Dean College (Where i'm a rising senior and Community Advisor/ Community Mentor) - said my goodbyes, hopped on an airplane and ended up here! I don't start work until Monday the 19th so I'll be spending a lot of this week settling in and getting acquainted with the neighborhood. I'm sad to be away from Dean (which has become so much more my home than I ever could have imagined) but excited to get to work and see what this summer has in store for me. Can't wait to share my adventures with you!

Any suggestions for cool places to go on my next few days off? Let me know!

- Cassie 


  1. Jud has been there and loved it, will get details tomorrow

    1. Juds list (makes me want to be there) architectural ferry ride thru the city, eat at the noodle bowl, miracle mile for shopping, top of the sears tower and stand on glass floor, go to the "pier". Cassie, he really loves this city I hope this helps!




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