Calm Before the Storm

Well I've officially been here for 6 days! I've got to say the time is flying by - after a year of craziness it was nice to have a few days off just to relax and rest. (I'm of course missing my deanies already.) But, I actually got to sleep in and spend several days obligation free for the first time in months!

International House
 (My Current Home)
Everyone from home keeps asking how I am and the first thing I say is "things here are extremely different than Dean" -- for starters this campus is HUGE. Coming from an undergrad institution of 1,000 people and a campus that hardly covers 100 acres the UChicago campus of 15,000 students (graduate and doctorates included) and over 215 acres is just a tad overwhelming. I'm also still adjusting to my alteration in housing arrangements. At Dean my roommate Christina and I lived in a 2 person apartment and here I have a little single, despite having less room I've got to admit both my room and my residence hall (International House) are absolutely beautiful and this bed is one of the more comfortable sleeps I've had in ages. (Every cloud has a silver lining :D) Living in an international based building also makes me feel like i'm right back at Dean every now and again (Anyone who attends dean will know exactly what I mean.) Unfortunately I shouldn't get too used to things as this is only going to be my home for about a month. UChicago runs on a quarter system (another huge difference from Dean) so their academic year doesn't end until June They get a nice long break however as classes don't resume until different that what I'm used to. Once the students are gone we'll be moving into our Conference buildings that we'll all be in charge of!

Another fascinating difference is the number of dining options this campus has, I've certainly found it a lot easier to eat healthier since I've arrived thanks to the plentiful options and accommodations. There's even a place IN MY BUILDING that sells sushi - if you don't know I am an absolute Sushi addict and this is beyond wonderful news. I've had a lot of down time in the last few days so I've spent a lot of time exploring and I've even picked up running! (Another summer goal is to make physical well-being an priority in life) For those of you that know me well this is nothing short of a miracle, the C25K app for the iPhone has been a blessing in disguise and I just finished my third day of training today - Riley and I plan on running a 5k together in the fall once i'm home!!

Work officially starts tomorrow so i'm sure things will start getting crazy. This last day of freedom and relaxation really is my "Calm before the storm." I'm excited to really get started, get my hands dirty and learn about all the different housing and maintenance software UChicago uses and how it differs from Dean. (Sorry - my Res Life Geek is showing :P) I'm also really excited to get to know my fellow interns (Erin, Steven, Erica, Vicki and Jeremy.) Everyone finally arrived today and I've almost met the whole crew! Everyone seems really nice and I've even got two other interns from my neck of the world. (Both Erin and Steven are from New Jersey!) Woo northeast! It'll be nice to have people who remind me a little bit of home. 

Anyone have any advice for an intern on their first day? I'd love to hear it!



  1. Ask lots of questions, be open to learning everything, don't do the whole "this is how we do it at my home institution" thing (as I've learned in grad school, it gets super irritating), and just have a generally awesome attitude as you usually do! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck!!!




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