Bringing Out the Basics

Before I get too crazy with the blogging experience, I thought i'd set the stage and answer some simple questions about who I am and what exactly i'm doing here. 

Who the heck are you?
Me and Aaron working
 Accepted Students day!
I'm Cassie, also known as the female in that photo over there <-- I'm 22 years old and grew up in a really small town called Rockport, MA. I have 3 real parents (Mom, Step-Dad and Dad) and 6 Siblings, and a few "Parent Like" supporters who get me through life. I'm going to be a senior this fall at Dean College in Franklin, MA. When I started college I thought I was going to be on Broadway....but things have changed, much to my parents joy i'm sure. In the last two years I discovered my potential and passion for a career in Higher Education Administration / Student Affairs (for those of you who have 0 idea what i'm talking about check out my friend Riley's blog posts full of definitions!) and now, with the help of my coworkers, friends and a truly kickass mentor, I'm doing everything I can to make sure my dream's someday become my reality. 

What are you doing in Chicago Anyway?
Here am I on the phone with my future
 boss Ashley the day they offered me the job!
On my journey to become a Student Affairs Professional or #SApro as twitter would call it, I've been attempting to gain as much experience as humanly possible. My undergraduate institution has been SO unbelievably supportive and amazing about this and I've had two really beneficial internship experiences there - but the time has come to spread my wings and prove to myself and others that I could do what I do outside of the Dean College safety net. So I went to the internet and began researching! I found that ACUHOI had a really great, but really competitive internship program in college housing at Universities and Colleges all over the country - I knew that I had to do it! I was extremely fortunate that I recieved a good amount of phone interviews and even got a handful of final offers. One of those offers was from the University of Chicago as a Conference Coordinator - this means myself (along with my 9 coworkers) are in charge of dozens of conferences this summer taking place on the UChicago campus. We're going to be working with groups of all ages and sizes - i'm really excited! Conference Services really is a "one-stop shop." We're going to be coordinating dining, facilities use, housing, security and many other important aspects - some nights i'll even be the primary staff "On Call" responding to issues that arise at any time during a groups stay. It's going to be a lot of work but also a lot of fun. 

A Side Note - i'm also going to make this a summer of lifestyle changes and figure blogging about them is a solid way to stay accountable and on the right track - Stay tuned (if you care to) to find out how i'm tweaking my dietary, lifestyle and exercise habits! #SAfit

Anyone have an good experiences with running apps? I just started using C25K today and am enjoying it so far! Hoping to keep that up and get some gym sessions in once UChicago gives me my membership! :)

Hugs! - Cassie 


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